Tips For Planning A Business AV System

Investing in a new AV system for your business will take a little bit of foresight and planning. Here are some of the biggest considerations when planning an AV system for business.  Stick to the Essentials In order to create a truly efficient audiovisual system, it's important to stick to the essentials when you're just starting out. You might project what types of needs your staff will have and then buy equipment that is never used. [Read More]

Avoid Hassles Later By Clarifying Attorneys' Requests During The Deposition

Professional court reporters provide a service, and, like any other service provider, they're allowed to charge for special requests. If you're a professional court reporter, accommodating lawyers when they ask for rush orders, custom headers and color copies gives you an opportunity to increase a project's price. Before agreeing to specific requests for depositions, though, be sure to clarify the details of the request before the deposition is over. Otherwise, the attorney who made -- and is paying for -- the request may refuse the additional charge if you fail to meet their expectations. [Read More]

Removing Some Of The Most Common Misconceptions About Home Theater Projectors

In the US alone, consumers bought more than one billion movie tickets to go watch their favorite movies or interesting new releases. While it is always fun to slip off to a show for the night at the big screen, it is also nice if you can enjoy all of your favorite movies in a similar way in the comfort of your home. With a home theater projector, this is something that could be possible. [Read More]

Small Business Owner's Buying Guide For Borescopes

If you are a small business owner who is considering the purchase of a borescope, then it is important that you understand your options. Borescopes are expensive devices, so your goal is to buy the best product to meet your business's exact needs, without purchasing a scope with features you do not need. Here is some information about the different types of borescopes currently on the market today and how they are utilized: [Read More]